Knowing Yourself Is the Key Step to Finding Your Perfect Skin Care!

When it comes to skin care,

there are so many different theories online…

It is impossible to keep up with every new trend!

Every article has a point,

but which one truly works for your skin?

       1.             What Are Your Skin Concerns?       

The first step is to target the problems you’d like to fix.
▲Dullness ▲Obvious Pores ▲Uneven Skin Tone ▲Sagginess ▲Fine Lines ▲Loss of Elasticity ▲Dryness

The problems listed above are very likely to show on your skin sooner or later.
These conditions only become worse with age.
Some people spend time and money on multiple skincare products in the hope of solving all problems at once… BUT!

One of the bad habits that cause wrinkles is the friction from rubbing.

That is to say, more steps mean bigger change of causing lines on the skin. Therefore, the very first step is to identify your most urgent skin problems!

       2.               What Is Your Skin Type?         

A book cover is the first thing we see regardless of what content is. Same theory applies to our skin. We have to know our skin better to look as good as our inner beauty!

★Dry Skin
It means that your skin is dehydrated, lack of elasticity, and prone to
dullness. In this case, moisturizing and water-locking skin care is what you need!

★Oily Skin
It’s most likely that you have oily skin if you suffer from oily T-zone and enlarged pores. Since dryness is actually a cause of oily skin, you should pay extra attention to
cleansing and hydrating your skin!

★Normal Skin
Lucky you! This is what everyone else is looking for! If you’re in this category, you probably don’t have big skin issues to worry about. With that said, everyday cleansing and caring are still needed to maintain skin radiance and elasticity!

★Combination Skin
This is for those who have oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Your skin should be
properly cleansed with specific areas carefully treated with products featuring different targets.

★Sensitive Skin
This could be you regardless of what skin type you have. The signs of sensitive skin include redness and reaction to certain triggers. In this case, you should
use fewer products to avoid irritation and find the gentle moisturizer that works for your skin!

Finding the right skin care is like having a best friend.
The process takes time, but it’ll all be worth it!

I’m sharing my experience based on my skin type as a reference for those of you who have similar skin issues.
Combination Skin Dullness Lack of Elasticity Dryness 

What I’m using now is OZIO Royal Jelly Gel WHITE.

It features a spreadable translucent gel texture that is nourishing and refreshing.

Most importantly, it is easily absorbed by my skin.


Like I said, we should select skin care based on our needs and skin type.

Take myself for example.

My biggest skin concerns are dullness and lack of elasticity,

and my combination skin needs something lightweight and moisturizing.

OZIO Royal Jelly Gel WHITE claims to be brightening, hydrating, line-reducing, firming, and dullness-correcting.

It contains 64 beauty extracts that reaches 97% of concentration.
The exclusive Whitening Effect W includes luxurious placenta and skin-soothing licorice extract (dipotassium glycyrrhizate).

👉Royal Jelly Gel WHITE that everyone lovesClick for more

The best thing about this gel is that it includes 6 skincare steps in one!
1 Royal Jelly Gel WHITE replaces toner, lotion, cream, serum, mask, and eye cream. A good all-in-one product like this not only improves skin condition but also reduces skin friction.

What’s more, it is very affordable. It only costs you SGD 2.2 a day! If that’s the price for all skin care you need a day, I’d say rush for it!

I’ll leave a before/after comparison of my skin here for your reference. You’ll probably understand why I recommend it with all my heart.

Please share your before/after with me if you’ve found it magical too. I’d like to make sure it’s not my illusion LOL.

Here’s a good news for those who want to give it a go…
OZIO is having 12 
% off on their website!
If not now, when?

Cheers to fair and clear skin!

With OZIO Royal Jelly Gel WHITE,
your skin will be free of
dullness, roughness, and fine lines!

Take time for yourself and treat your skin better❤️

Let’s cheers to beauty no matter what age we are!

*Kind reminder

For first-timers, you can enter their website directly for purchase via this link.




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