【Beauty News】The Natural Glow From Within✨ Make a Daily Effort Towards Fair Skin With Japanese Beauty Secret!

A popular proverb claims that “a white complexion can hide several flaws.” The description might be outdated, but there’s no denial that the argument around fair skin is going to last. If we put the controversy aside and think about it, keeping skin fair in a natural way can actually be understood as a way of protecting skin, as many related products claim to provide sun protection and improve uneven skin tone. Therefore, using a brightening product in your daily routine could be beneficial to your skin.

What Do You Need to Know About Brightening?

Brightening is your goal, of course. However, in order to achieve that, hydration is essential. Dry skin means that your skin is having difficulty absorbing ingredients, and therefore the result will not be satisfying. The key to healthy fair skin is brightening and hydrating together. Sadly, many brightening products on the market are either irritating or lack of moisturization. Read on to find out your Mr. Right without spending a fortune testing and trying!

How Do You Choose Brightening Products?

Avoid strong and high-concentration acids, vitamin C, and alcohol

AHA, BHA, and alcohol are widely used in brightening products. However, high concentration of these ingredients will lead to redness and irritation. We recommend choosing mild and gentle products with lower concentration that is safe for your skin.


Opt for skin-soothing ingredients

For example, dipotassium glycyrrhizate from licorice plant, placenta, and royal jelly are antioxidants and therefore helpful for protecting skin.


Decide based on your skin type

This is obvious. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose something that’s not irritating. If you have dry skin, you should make sure the product is hydrating enough.

Brightening & Moisturizing for All Seasons❤️

After we carefully take every detail into consideration, we recommend OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE! It is from the same series as their best-selling Royal Jelly Gel, but with both brightening and moisturizing effects. It has gained high popularity in Japan and overseas due to positive exposure on Japanese media.

Understanding Its Brightening Ingredients

(1)   Dipotassium glycyrrhizate is a widely-used skin lightening agent that is anti-allergy and brightening.

(2)   Placenta is popular for its skin-boosting benefits. It is an antioxidant that nourishes the skin and improves dark spots and freckles.

(3)   Exclusive “serum capsule” are developed with microencapsulation technology and contain royal jelly, collagen, and hyaluronic acid for fast penetration, moisture retention, and protection from irritation.

OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE contains 64 beauty extracts that take up 97% concentration, with the main brightening ingredients being dipotassium glycyrrhizate and placenta. Both are excellent for repairing and brightening. Together, the formula not only reduces fine lines and dull look, but also provides rich moisturization in gel texture for all seasons.


Take adequate amount with the spatula in it and take a close look at the texture. It looks like jelly and spreads into a watery form, which is fast-absorbing and refreshing on the skin! This can be used on the hands and the neck where wrinkles and lines begin to show up. Even better, the light citrus scent is very pleasing!

Instruction & Results

OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE is a perfect morning skincare product to be used before makeup due to its lightweight and watery texture. You are welcome to pair it with OZIO Royal Jelly Gel at night for enhanced moisturization and skincare absorption.


Based on the personal experience from one of our editors, OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE feels cooling and hydrating on the skin. She confirms that it does make a difference on her skin tone! She used to be mistaken as having a bad or tiring day all the time (she did!) and now she looks a lot healthier.

Time Flies, But Your Fair Skin Can Stay!

OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE is capable of dramatically improving dull skin, fine lines, and moisture absorption for a visibly lighter complexion. It is multifunctional and can be used as a moisturizing makeup base and in evening skincare routine to soothe and protect sensitive skin while strengthening skin barrier. No kidding, OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE is your Mr. Right for fair skin and the only bottle you need for the healthy glow in all seasons!

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