OZIO Best-Seller That Gives You Glowing Skin in 8 Seconds! Get Your Hands on the Special Offer before It Ends!

Hot-selling OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE is now available in Singapore with 12% off! OZIO is a well-loved Japanese skincare brand targeting at aging problems and has received overwhelming support around the world. What’s special about this new-launching Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE is its satisfying brightening, glowing, and hydrating effects. Apparently, OZIO listens to their customers and finally decides to officially bring this beloved gel to Singapore. What’s more, they offer free shipping directly from Japan to ensure consistency in quality!


A Highly-Rated Brand in Queen

OZIO started everything in Tokyo, Japan in the year of 2000. The brand took their name from Italian as “at ease in a natural way”, in the hope of delivering the belief that every woman can regain a flawless appearance without difficulty. In order to achieve their goal, OZIO insists on three major principles.

I. Pure and Simple

Quality always comes first to provide the pure enjoyment of skin care for OZIO customers. 

II. Peace of Mind

OZIO strictly selects the ingredients used in every product and performs careful quality control with examinations and tests for the best results on the customers.

III. Affordability

OZIO aims at producing skin care with exceptional effects and effortless guide within a reasonable price that everyone could afford.

Top 3 Best-Sellers with Clean Formula

OZIO 388 ultimate skincare series includes Venus Placenta Essence with No.1 ranking on Rakuten Japan, Royal Jelly Gel with 98.7% repurchase rate, and Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE with 90% customer satisfaction based on Fashion Guide survey. All three products have received positive reviews from the customers due to their high-quality and gentle formulas.

✨The Star of the Day – 8-Second Brightener✨

Maintain clear and glowing skin in a hot climate with…


OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE

Capacity: 75ml

It claims to brighten up your skin in 8 seconds

by preventing UV radiation and dark spots with the cooling gel texture.

With such relaxing sensation and powerful result, OZIO’s special [Dewy Look on Fair Skin Set] is a versatile gift for everyone and will never go wrong for any occasion!


[Dewy Look on Fair Skin Set] targets spot correction and glow restoration.

Give yourself or your loved ones an effortless skin-brightening experience completed in 8 seconds with OZIO Royal Jelly Mocchiri Gel WHITE.

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