\618 Shopping Festival/ Feel Fresh In Hot Days! Reveal Glowing Complexion in Only 3 Steps


You are very likely to face these situations
if you don’t pay attention to the choice of your skincare products…

[Incomplete makeup removal]
▲Cause of enlarged pores and sensitive skin

[Ineffective skincare products]
▲Cause of poor skin health and cakey makeup

[Dull and uneven skin tone]
▲Cause of feeling insecure about the skin

It can be really challenging to take good care of skin
when life is full of potential hazards.

Go out at the risk of sun damage,
or stay home with air conditioner drying out the skin.

Stop your worry for a minute and hear out.
There is one important rule to treat wrinkly, flaky, or itchy skin:
Maintain a healthy balance of oil and water!

If you don’t have a clue,
OZIO is highly recommended for this purpose! 

Skincare Brand from Tokyo, Japan

Since its debut in 2000, OZIO has maintained its popularity in cosmetic industry.
OZIO took its name from an Italian word, meaning
relax in a natural way”,
and endeavors to give users the baby-soft skin they’ve been looking for.

Take its best-selling Royal Jelly Gel for example.
It is so well-loved that it hits the sales of 10 million bottles!

In fact, all royal jelly-related skincare products from OZIO
are exceptional and effective.

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Prepare Your Skin for Hot Weather at \ 618 Shopping Festival /

Get fresh skin from this 8 June!


Whether your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive,
you need to completely remove the makeup as the first step to balanced skin.

This is an essential step for optimal skincare results.
Give OZIO a go for a fresh complexion in hot days!

Get Glowing in 3 Steps *Hydrating *Clearing *Brightening

OZIO Always Healthy Complexion Set for minimalists!

Step1: 60s cleanser→ Step2: 3s enhancer→ Step3: 8s brightener

Enjoy an effortless and refreshing skincare experience
that is suitable for women at any age!


        Step1: 60-second makeup remover & cleanser

OZIO Beauty Cleansing Balm [New Product]

This cleansing balm contains 78% beauty extracts, including AHAs
sweet orange, bilberry leaf extract, apple stem cell extract,
hyaluronic acid for moisture replenishment during deep cleansing.

It also uses natural essential oils of chamomile and lavender
to relax the mind and
firm the skin.


step2   3秒導入

Step2: 3-second penetration enhancer

OZIO Venus Placenta Essence

The beauty essence is ranked #1 on Rakuten and contains rejuvenating extracts,
including placenta, proteoglycan, hyaluronic acid, succinic acid, and umbilical cord.

It is proved to restore elasticity by 87%, boost hydration by 90%,
and increase firmness by 77%

It repairs damaged skin and removes dead skin cells
to allow best skincare absorption.

If you want your skin care to deliver a faster result,
this essence is the one to go for!  


Step3: 8-second skin brightener

OZIO Royal Jelly Gel WHITE

A true multitasking 6-in-1!

The brightening gel is made up of 64 luxurious ingredients,
dipotassium glycyrrhizate and placenta for brightening effect.

It is approved by Fashion Guide in 2020 and featured in Queen, described to bring
“Instant hydrating feeling upon application due to excellent penetration.”

It reduces melanin and brightens up dull skin
to achieve the
natural glowing look.


The minimal routine takes less than 2 minutes every day and night.

It is all about efficiency and effectiveness!

Make your skin nourishing and glowing with highly-rated OZIO 3 steps!

Cabin crew and beauty consultant use them every day. What about you?

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